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I welcome you to this website, my humble presence on the World Wide Web! This site is intended to act as a central hub for my other websites, as well as a place to put some of my favorite links, a bit of information about myself, and other things that would be appropriate for a personal site such as this.

Those who know me well know that I am not only a web designer, but I also immensely enjoy learning and speaking other languages. If you happen to speak Spanish or Greek, I invite you to visit the other parts of this multilingual site, and while you're at it, please do me the favour of letting me know if you find any errors, grammatical or otherwise. As much as I love writing in the tongues of other peoples, I'm not totally fluent.

Thanks for dropping by to see my website, and I hope you'll stay a few minutes. Please take a look at my blog, cruise around on my other websites, and drop me a note if you feel like it. If you'd like to have me build you a website, just let me know; my rates are low!

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