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Benjamin Bruce, Web Designer

I began making websites at a fairly young age, and I can certainly say that I've learned a lot. I began with Microsoft FrontPage, and now I am hand-coding sites built with pure CSS layouts that comply with web standards. If you're not sure what that means, suffice it to say that I have truly gone from the worst way to make a website to the best.

I am currently building websites as a part-time job, so it will be a while before I have time to restructure the old sites shown below. Feel free to explore, however. Just click on one of the titles below to go straight to the website of your choice.

My Websites

The Hello Oklahoma! Project

This project of mine has the purpose of collecting greetings (preferably "hello") in all of the Native American languages spoken in Oklahoma. Although the greetings have all been found, the project is an ongoing one, as I continue to add information to the website and do more research on the languages. The ultimate goal of the project, although not yet realized, is to make a Hello Oklahoma! booklet.
Disclaimer: I am not an Okie, I am just interested in the native languages of Oklahoma. I'm proud to be a Texan!

The Herpetarium

The Herpetarium

I've been going to Camp Blue Haven every summer since I was born, and one thing that I enjoy about camp is being able to find lots of reptiles and amphibians there. In order to help the campers appreciate these amazing examples of God's creation better, in the past I've taken my snake cages to camp to keep a few for the duration of the session. The website has photos, information, as well as a printable field guide to the reptiles and amphibians of San Miguel County, New Mexico. If you like lizards and snakes, you'll like this website!

Explorers Newsletter

Wilderness Explorers Newsletter

Wilderness Explorers, was a bimonthly magazine that I used to publish that promoted a better understanding and love for God's creation. Primarily focusing on nature in Parker County, Texas, Wilderness Explorers featured full-color photographs of wildlife and nature, as well as informing articles and interesting facts. Although I no longer publish the magazine, we have extra copies on hand, and you can request one on the website.

Websites built for others

Town of Annetta North

Town of Annetta North

This is the official website of the town of Annetta North, where I live. I had been wanting to make a website for the town for quite a while, and I was able to get the job in 2005 when the council was considering the possibility. The site is regularly updated (amazing how you get things done when you're paid to do them!), and is a very informative site for our 500-person town.

Parker County Poor Farm

Parker County Poor Farm

I built this website as a volunteer project for the Poor Farm Advisory Group. The poor farm is located on a good-sized piece of county land, much of which is still wild and natural. I am in favor of the creation of a nature center/park, but right now different ideas are being thrown around, and there's no telling what the future of the land will be. In the meantime, you can peruse the website, which includes photos, history, maps, and other things pertaining to the poor farm. The history of the place is really fascinating, and I believe that not only should the natural aspect of the land be preserved, but also the historical, hence the slogan: The Parker County Poor Farm—Rich in History and Nature.

“There's nothing like a deadline to bring procrastinators together.”

–Benjamin Bruce
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